Water Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find the City of Georgetown current water rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you. 

Should you experience a problem with your water, please call the City Hall at 217-662-2525. We will do everything possible to locate the problem with your water service.

Water and sewer customers are billed by mail each month.  Water meters are read around the 9th of the month for the previous month's usage.  Bills are printed on yellow postcards, return the smaller portion of the bill with your payment to ensure proper credit to your account.  If you do not receive a water bill, please call the city hall and we can give you the balance due.

Bills are mailed around the 15th of the month, with payments due by the 5th of the next month, regardless if you received a bill or not.  If the 5th falls on a weekend, then they are due the following Monday.  The exact due date will be printed on the bill.  Payments not received by 4:30 pm on the due date are subject to 10% penalty.  Payments not received by the Shut Off date are subject to a $40 non payment fee and water shut off.

Due now is the actual cost of your water/sewer service and is due on or near the 5th of each month.

Past Due Date is the day after the bill is due.  If you are paying after 4:30 on the due date, you will pay the penalty amount.  This is the amount of the bill plus a 10% late fee.

Non-payment fee $40.00 is applied to outstanding bills at the close of business the day before shut off day.

Late charges are applied to any bills not paid by 4:30 on the due date.  

Shut off for Non payment is normally on the 13th of the month. The shut off date will be listed on the bills.  If the bill is not paid by 4:30 on the last business day before shut off, a $40 Non payment fee is added. If water is shut off for non-payment, the entire bill must be paid in full before water service will be turned back on.  The exact date is printed on the bill.

Your account is not automatically terminated if your service is turned off for non-payment or if you move away from the service location, a bill is still generated monthly until you notify this office requesting water service termination.

$25.00 fee charged on ALL returned checks.

The following rates are for residents INSIDE the city limits.  There are other rates for different services.

$62.00 minimum charge for water/sewer for the first 2000 gallons. 

  • Breakdown of the $62 minimum 
  • $14.25 for up to 2000 gallons
  • $2.75 for Storm Sewer Operations Water only billing Flat Rate
  • $11.00 for debt Service - included on all bills with sewer and water service and is used to repay loans and/or bonds
  • $19.65 for Sewer operation
  • $9.50 for Water Debt
  • $4.85 for Storm Sewer Debt
  • $14.50 for each addition 1000 gallons of water - $6.75 for water, $7.75 for Sewer. 

Water deposit is $150.00 for rentals.

The following rates are for residents OUTSIDE of city limits.

$72.50 minimum charge for water/sewer for the first 2000 gallons.

  • $22.25 for 1 -2000 gallons
  • $26.35 for Sewer Operation
  • $13.80 for debt service - included on all bills with Sewer and Water service and is used to repay loans and/or bonds.
  • $10.10 for Water Debt

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with quality water!  We hope you enjoy living in the City of Georgetown!