Building/fence Permits

The Building Permits Department will strive to assist you with your construction project in an efficient and accountable manner. They are responsible for permitting all construction.  The City will inspect the property to make sure requirements are followed.  A building permit is $10 + $0.10 per square foot that is newly added.  A fence permit is $10, you will use the building permit application.  Please make sure you include a diagram on the second page of your plans with measurements.

Information concerning building requirements can be found by going to Ordinances.

The Building Permits and Inspections Department is responsible for:

  • Conducting building construction inspections
  • Issuing building permits
  • Reviewing building plans

To obtain a permit for both residential and commercial uses, simply download the forms below (if available) or give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary forms.

Demo Permits

Demo Permits are issued at a cost of $5.  If you are removing any type of structure, you will need a demo permit.  The City will inspect the property once demolition is complete.

Golf Cart Permits

The cost for a Golf Cart Permit is $30.  It is good from May 1 through April 30.  You will need to fill out the application and sign the waiver.  We will also need a copy of your id and insurance on the golf cart.  Please read over the ordinance attached to the application. 

Transient Merchant/Itinerant Vendor Permit 

Cost is $50, good for 1 year from date of issue.

A transient merchant is any person who is engaged temporarily in the retail sale of goods, wares, or merchandise in the city and who, for the purpose of conducting such business for the purpose of conducting such business, occupies any building, room, vehicle, structure of any kind or vacant lot. 

"Itinerant vendor" means any person who transports tangible personal property for retail sale within the city who does not maintain in the city an established office, distribution house, sales house, warehouse, service center or residence from which such business is conducted. 

Solicitor's Permit

Cost is $50

Any person, group, agency, or entity desiring to engage in street solicitation activities for contributions must first register with the city and obtain a permit from the city clerk for the solicitation activities. As part of the registration, the person, group, agency or entity shall provide the city with proof of general liability insurance which names the city as an additional insured, and covers the solicitation activities.  The city shall only issue two permits to the same person, group, agency or entity for the same solicitation/fund-raising event.